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MAC Makeup

M.A.C. is a non estee lauder cosmetics group first own brand by lauder's wife. Under the assistance and support of elegant Estee lauder group, her good qualities to be discovered, spread, from North America to Europe and Asia, one of the countries. Held the extreme avant-garde bold creative concept, Discount Mac Cosmetics, also completely from the bondage of traditional color cosmetics and restriction. A lot of color, construct the M.A.C. cosmetics professional image and imposing manner. Mac Makeup mainly includes mac eye shadow,Mac Concealer, mac lipstick and mac powdery cake, etc. Today, the M.A.C. still adhere to the creed - interpretation of the brand personality, show art, and self expression. Regardless of their race, gender, age, for a variety of colors of people to provide professional, high quality colour makeup is tasted, more makeup look for everyone, and always firmly believe that "there is pay will have return, she opened the door to the world. Company social consciousness of initiative and innovation, especially in the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS enormous efforts has become the core of the M.A.C. unique brand culture.

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